Product Launch


Tendril was commissioned to craft a brand reveal film and visual asset library announcing the partnership between breakthrough psychedelic research company Cybin and Neuroimaging Technology Kernel. Their mission is to empower humanity and revolutionize mental healthcare.

Cybin brain

Kernel’s technology is unique in the field of brain scanning, acquiring real-time brain activity before, during and after a psychedelic experience. Measuring where and how psychedelics work in the brain opens the door to new frontiers of discovery and radical cognitive improvement.

Cybin Kernel closeup
Cybin Kernel closeup

We took our inspiration from the core brand concept of ‘one-of-a-kind’. Each of our minds are incredibly intricate, beautiful, and unique — like precious works of art that we have only just begun to explore. The blue is inspired by the blue tint that Psilocybin bruising imparts in Psylocybe mushrooms..

Process + R&D
Cybin Kernel closeup
Cybin Kernel closeup
Cybin Kernel logo closeup
Cybin Kernel
Cybin Kernel environment
Cybin Kernel environment
Cybin Kernel components
  • Client


    Jackie Poriadjian


    Production Company


    Creative Director
    Chris Bahry


    Executive Producer
    Ivelle Jargalyn


    Eugene Lekh + Eugene Pylinsky


    Leah Wesolowski, Anne Deslauries

  • Design, Animation, Lighting + Render
    Daniel Lepik, Rich Nosworthy, Zachary Corzine, Aaron Covrett, Trevor Kerr, Yeseong Kim, Joseph Recoskie, Chris Bahry, Eugene Lekh + Eugene Pylinsky


    Chris Bahry

  • Music + SD


    Script Writing
    Tara Wright


    Voice Over
    Tish Iceton

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