Brand Refresh 2022

Branding Identity

Brand Refresh 2022

Tendril Refresh Tendril’s visual identity is a flexible system that can be quiet, conservative, bold, and expressive, depending on context and communication needs.

1/ Logotype

Meet the T-Dot

The t-dot is Tendril’s mark and most recognizable brand element. Created by design studio Worship, it suggests both a lower-case ‘t’ as well as a figurative emoji-like smile.

2/ Brand Imagery

The three geometric forms of the T-dot provide the perfect building blocks for a library of minimal, abstract 3D compositions that are a nod to Tendril’s expertise and roots in 3D design and animation.

Brand Refresh shapes

3/ Typography

HK Grotesk is our primary typeface for marketing and social content. Public Sans is used for more corporate materials and business communications.

4/ Iconography & Colour

Tendril has custom icons and colours that match the aesthetics of the identity. They can be used in a wide variety of applications from social media and web, to presentations, announcements and posters.

5/ Voice

We have an unwavering sense of purpose, and we want our voice to encapsulate this– it’s how we send out a ‘pure signal.’

  • Visual Identity Team


    Production Company


    Creative Director

    Chris Bahry + Alexandre Torres


    Brand Refresh Design

    Worship, Rafa Cezar


    Executive Producer

    Ramona Gornik-Lee



    Niko Hook


    Guidelines + Toolkit

    Rafa Cezar


    Communications/PR Manager

    Jill Wilkie


    Content Strategy + Copywriting

    Sierra Joseph

  • 3D Assets Team 



    Rafa Cezar, Joey Recoskie, Aiden Riekenbrauck, Rita Louro, Shannon Hoyne, Eric Bernal, Aleksandra Liubas


    3D Assets/ Design + Animation

    Rafa Cezar, Marcelo Souza


    3D Animation

    Joey Recoskie, Samuel Bohn


    Light+ Render

    Brad Husband, Joey Recoskie, Aiden Riekenbrauck, Marcelo Souza



    Brad Husband, Astrid Cardenas

  • ID Animation Team 


    Design + Animation

    Joey Recoskie, Samuel Bohn, Nidia Dias


    Light+ Render

    Brad Husband, Joey Recoskie, Aiden Riekenbrauck, Nemanja Ivanovic