Microsoft Future Vision

Brand Film

Microsoft Future Vision

Tendril collaborated with the amazing team at Microsoft Design to celebrate three years of office 365 and look onwards to a bright, intelligent, connected future.

Calming, open environments and spaces built to promote productivity through focus, well-being and peace of mind.

Our approach to UX films is to focus on story and feeling first. This film was designed to project a future vision of Microsoft 365 experiences.

The challenge was to balance depictions of user experience flows with abstract and conceptual elements that evoke the values and intentions that underlie the product design.

Microsoft Future Vision devices floating over logo structure landscape
Microsoft Future Vision devices floating closeup
Process + R&D
Microsoft Future Vision plants
Microsoft Future Vision icon shapes
Microsoft Future Vision logo furniture
Microsoft Future Vision logo furniture
  • Client


    Partner Director

    of Design at Microsoft
    Nando Costa


    2D UI Design
    Sunmin Chung, Taili Feng


    2D UI Animation
    Michael Yoon


    Production Co


    Creative Director
    Alexandre Torres


    Joey Recoskie


    Executive Producer
    Ivelle Jargalyn


    Leah Wesolowski


    Niko Hook

  • Art Director
    Gonzalo Miranda


    Samuel Bohn, Yeseong Kim, Gonzalo Miranda, Jeff Briant, Chris Ray Moberg, Joey Recoskie, Jose Checa, Leonardo Bortolussi, Vinicius Lavor


    Hand Model
    Christian Hecht


    Hand Rig
    Tyrel Scott


    Joey Recoskie, Chris Moberg, Jose Checa, Jeff Briant, Samuel Bohn, Will Sharkey

  • Device Modelling + Textures
    Flavio Diniz, Yeseong Kim


    Houdini Sim
    Philipp Pavlov


    Jr. Houdini Sim
    Yu Fujishiro


    Flavio Diniz, Jeff Briant, Chris Moberg, Brad Husband, Joey Recoskie, Jose Checa


    Lighting + Render
    Jeff Briant, Brad Husband, Jose Checa, Joey Recoskie


    Brad Husband, Astrid Cardenes, Corey Larson


    Zelig Sound