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Tendril created a brand film for the ESPN College Football Playoffs to build and capture the excitement of the game and provide an extensive broadcast toolkit to be used throughout the season.

ESPN logo
ESPN logo with football

This project was a collaboration between Tendril and ESPN to create a film and graphical language that metaphorically captures the essence of the College Football Playoffs. We focused on the themes of grit and polish, impact and flow, chemistry and ascension. Ultimately it was a celebration of American College Football culture: the effort, the journey, the passion, the colors, the pain and the glory of the teams, players and fans.

ESPN X's & O's abstract

The thing we loved most was the collaboration with the team at ESPN. We developed such fluid back and forth with the client throughout the project that felt truly unique and refreshing. The collaborative nature of the creative ideation was inspiring and left our team energized and excited to create something beautiful and engaging.

ESPN crystals
Process + R&D
ESPN cloth
ESPN team amour
ESPN team helmet
ESPN stone
  • Client


    Client Creative Directors

    Timothy O’Shaughnessy +

    Dale Harney


    Lindsay Reiff


    Creative Coordinator
    Taylor Kissin


    Production Company


    Creative Directors
    Alex Torres + Patrick Coffey


    Vitaly Grossmann


    Executive Producer
    Mary Anne Ledesma


    Brittany Sheahan

  • Design
    Jose Checa, Marius Becker,
    Superdesigners, Yeseong Kim, Leonardo Bortolussi, Ilya Tselyutin, Vitaly Grossmann


    Marius Becker, Leonardo Bortolussi, Superdesigners


    Type Design + Animation
    Gabriel Rocha, Superdesigners


    Houdini Simulation
    Rich Nosworthy, Philipp Pavlov, Superdesigners

  • Lighting + Render
    Jeff Briant, Marius Becker, Yeseong Kim, Superdesigners, Leonardo Bortolussi, Vitaly Grossmann, Brad Husband


    Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson


    Music + Sound Design

    Konstantin Kazhev (CADEU)


    Toolkit Developers
    Gabriel Rocha, Corey Larson, Zack Lovatt

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