Deserve Cards

Design System

Deserve Cards

The Brief
Tendril was invited by Deserve Cards to expand their Design System by creating a Motion Graphics and a 3D Visual Language that represents the core values of their brand.

We took a deep dive into the Deserve universe and created sets of animations and static images that represents the core concepts and features of their brand:

Flexible and Customizable, Data Intelligence, Mobile Centric, Depth and Platform.


We have also created a series of Typographic animations exploring the same core concepts, its modularity allows these sets to be used for different applications and formats.

Process + R&D

  • Client

    Deserve Cards


    Creative Director

    Patrick Coffey



    Danilo Silveira


    Executive Producer

    Mary Anne Ledesma



  • Producer

    Brittany Sheahan



    Rita Louro, Rafael Eifler, Yeseong Kim, Samuel Bohn and Aleks Liubas


    3D Animation

    Samuel Bohn, Juliana Custódio


    Toolkit and Typography Animation

    Rafael Cezar

  • Lighting & Render:
    Yeseong Kim and Brad Husband



    Corey Larson