Crown Royal 29

Product Launch

Crown Royal 29

We were invited by Anomaly x Crown Royal to create a brand film introducing their new line of Luxurious Canadian Whiskey, Crown Royal 29.

Focusing on the concept of "growing roots," we depicted the physical embodiment of the 'root' flourishing off the packaging through a photorealistic CGI style that plays with growth, lighting, and realistic focus.

We sought to craft a distinct visual world for CR29, positioning them as a brand in line with luxury culture.

  • Client
    Crown Royal at Diageo



    Anomaly NY


    Production Company

    Tendril Design + Animation


    Creative Director

    Alexandre Torres


  • Executive Producer

    Ivelle Jargalyn



    Niko Hook



    Cody McFarland



    Sam Humphries

  • Art Direction, animation & lightiing

    Bureau Klaus Alman



    André Chaves, Bureau Klaus Alman


    3D Design

    Sebastian Helene, Christoph Strohfeld, Bureau Klaus Alman



    Astrid Cardenas