Hublot | The Arsham Droplet

360 Launch Campaign

Hublot | The Arsham Droplet

Tendril partnered with Hublot to concept and produce a complete 360 campaign for the launch of the Arsham Droplet, a visionary creation born from the collaboration between Hublot and acclaimed contemporary artist Daniel Arsham. Inspired by the organic, fluid forms found in nature, the Arsham Droplet embodies the perfect fusion of antique elegance and futuristic innovation.

To bring the project to life, Tendril brought together an all-star team of global talents, including live action partners Denim, photographer Norman Wong, True Staging, CYPHER for sound & music and more (complete creds below). 

Approach + Aesthetic

In both the films and the immersive launch event we present Arsham’s studio not as a real place, but as an imagined space between dream and reality. A place where past and future works collide and materials shift and change across time. As he voices over his inspiration for the Droplet’s design, using live action footage mixed with CG, we create a story that flirts with the surreal. We wanted to invite art enthusiasts and watch collectors into a world that existed in this in-between.

Surreal Brand Worldbuilding

Experimenting with contrasts and juxtapositions and with an aim to push aesthetic boundaries, we reached beyond our usual process and created a rich library of visual assets to use across all aspects of the campaign: from aerial drone footage of natural landscapes and ice-caves shot on location in Iceland, to solarised and treated footage, still photography, Houdini simulations, photoreal product renders as well as stylized ‘sketch’ looks. [Behance]

The live-action shoot began amidst the stunning glaciers of southern Iceland, capturing breathtaking caves and landscapes. These real-world environments served as the backdrop for Arsham and Hublot’s journey. Following the Iceland shoot, the team returned to Toronto for a studio shoot featuring a water set and a custom-built LED wall. Sophisticated lighting highlighted the intricate details of the design, with turquoise accents and mineral glass enhancing the monochrome titanium and sapphire palette.

An Immersive Launch at the Tate Modern in London

As part of the world-building for this exciting collaboration, we created an immersive experience in the South Tanks at the Tate Modern in London.

The mise-en-scène was designed to juxtapose permanence against the constant, organic transformation of materials and landscapes through time: Ice becomes water, which crystalizes in sapphire and mineral glass. This translated the surrealistic environment of the films into a beautiful, immersive space for guests to explore.

  • Client


    Global Brand Image Director
    Yann Lauener

    Executive Producer
    Frédéric D’Alberto

    Film Production Manager
    Marine Perrot

    Partnerships & Activation Manager

    Maurane Roy

    Launch Event Executive Producer

    Christina Nissen-Joller

    Launch Event Manager

    Nadine Martins

    Creative Studio & Production Company



    Executive Creative Director
    Chris Bahry

    Executive Producer

    Mary Anne Ledesma


    CG Director

    Pablo Alfieri


    ECD / Strategists
    Roger Dario & Caroline Leong

    Senior Producer
    Niko Hook

    Cody McFarland

    Art Director

    Mike Lamont

    CG Sup/Animation Lead

    Will Sharkey

    3D Design

    Rita Louro, Alex Levinton, Fede Kano, Aleks Liubas, Leonardo Bortolussi, Rich Nosworthy, Rafael Eifler

    Asset Lookdev

    Brad Husband, Nemanja Ivanovic


    Modeller & Rigger
    Flavio Diniz, Tyrel Scott


    Lamek Felix, Leonardo Bortolussi

    Houdini Simulation

    Will Sharkey, Arnis Vitols, Alejandro Echeverry, Aleks Liubas

    2D Animation

    Peiter Hergert


    Light + Render
    Brad Husband, Nemanja Ivanovic, Aleks Liubas


    Brad Husband, Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson

  • Live Action Production Partner


    Live Action Director
    Norman Wong

    Executive Producer
    Christian Tyler

    Director of Photography
    Jeff Bierman

    Production Designer

    Ben Gerlis

    Live Action Producer

    Alex Dall’Orso


    Norman Wong

    Production Manager

    Joey B


    Amber Warus

    1st Assistant Director

    Chris Simon


    1st Assistant Camera

    Nick Petrie


    2nd Assistant Camera
    Mike Yablonski

    Pat McKeeghan

    Crane Head Technician
    Jay Gillespie


    Jayden Burns

    Stills Digitech

    Jeff Jamieson

    Lead Photo Assistant

    Noel Araquel

    Photo Assistants

    Keith Haist, Alyssa Mintern


    LED Video Wall Video Technician
    Sebastien Lortie

    Grip & Lighting Gaffer

    Sam Lebel-Wong

    Key Grip

    Blake Ballentine

    Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Stylist

    Jackie McKeown


    HMU Artist
    Caroline Levin

  • Editorial Partner
    True Staging


    Editorial Executive Producer
    Ainslie Thomas


    Launch Event Music

    Live Action Editor
    Kyle Sanderson

    Colour Partner
    Alter Ego

    Executive Producer

    Jane Garrah


    Wade Odlum

    Colour Assistant

    Vika Svishchova

    Launch Event Production Partner
    True Staging


    Launch Event Production Designer
    Ben Gerlis, Tim Blazell


    Launch Event Music

    Launch Event Location
    Tate Modern – South Tank

    Films Sound Design + Music

    Creative Direction + Sound Design

    John Black

    Executive Producer

    Julie Neff


    Joris van Grunsven

    Sound Design & Mix

    Joseph Sims

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