Brand Film


Tendril collaborated with Aize to create a hero brand film highlighting their vision for their software – transforming how people run and operate heavy asset projects.

Aize is the workspace that allows you to visualise, navigate, collaborate and work on a digital representation of an asset. Our goal was to create an aspirational film that represented Aize at its core while promoting collaboration. One of the main creative challenges was representing the many aspects, departments, and industries this film targeted.

Aize asset structure in nature landscape
Aize abstract assets
Aize abstract assets
Aize abstract assets
Aize data sphere in grass
Aize data sphere in grass swirl
Process + R&D

Aize asset
Aize asset
Aize landscape grass hills and lake
Aize landscape grass hills and lake
Aize landscape hills and lake
  • Client


    Head of Design
    Hans Christian Berge + Morten Andreassen


    Production Company


    Executive Producer
    Ivelle Jargalyn


    Creative Director
    Alexandre Torres


    Nidia Dias



    Brittany Sheahan + Emily McCallen

  • Art Director
    Jesper Lindborg


    Tara Wright


    Storyboard Artist
    Greg Boychuk


    Jesper Lindborg, Christoph Strohfeld, Yas Vicente, Rafael Eifler, Friedrich Neumann


    Flavio Diniz

  • Animation
    Samuel Bohn, Ferdi Kubin,
    Leo Bortolussi, Flavio Diniz


    FX Artist
    Ezequiel Grand


    Lighting + Render
    Nemanja Ivanovic, Samuel Bohn, Leo Bortolussi, Rita Louro, Miguel Rato, Alex Veaux


    Lighting Support
    Brad Husband


    Corey Larson, Alex Veaux